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The key element to a better workout is quickly replacing the fluids you lose when you exercise. Just think about the difference water makes for your body when you need it most. It staves off exhaustion, helps you rebound from a tough night at the gym and leads to better sleep. It's a key ingredient in your game-plan for maintaining a healthy workout regimen.

Both casual and professional athletes know the value of water before and after exercise. You feel more energy and more flexibility when you get the right amount of water every day. And, many health experts would argue that for an athlete to perform at his or her peak, nothing is more important than being properly hydrated.

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A person can live without food for about a month, but only about a week without water.

Water tips for athletes:

  • Eat a balanced meal and drink plenty of water 24 hours before a major workout
  • Drink two glasses of water before exercise
  • Drink water at regular intervals while you exercise
  • Weigh yourself before and after vigorous workouts to make sure you've replaced the fluids lost from working out
  • If your urine is dark after exercising, drink more water
  • Avoid beverages high in sugar while exercising


Your muscles love water. Water may help alleviate and sometimes prevent back aches, muscle fatigue, joint pain, and other effects of consistent exercise and exertion. It also helps keep you the well-oiled machine you know you are.

You may need water when: You feel the symptoms of dehydration coming on. These symptoms may be more extreme and happen more frequently for athletes. Water yourself and immediately consult a doctor if you feel nauseous, the chills, an elevated heart rate, light-headedness and/or an inability to sweat.