Water lifts you up, it opens your senses and makes you feel refreshed and ready to take on any activity ... even sleeping.

Brita® water filtration systems remind you of the enormous role water plays in your body. Every time you drink a glass of great-tasting Brita® water, remember you're watering yourself with filtered water that your body truly appreciates.

There's a lot of advice about the proper amount of water a grown person should drink everyday - usually 8-12 240 mL/(8 oz.) glasses - but only you know the amount that keeps you running at your best. Listen to yourself.

For a truly better you, keep this information in mind:

About 70% of your body is water and the only element more important to properly functioning systems is oxygen. Every part of your body from your skin to your brain relies on ample hydration to function. The following are the specific results of drinking water as it relates to different parts of your body.

In no particular order, water:

  • Sends nutrients to your BRAIN - 85% of the brain is in the water that helps feed and cushion it.
  • Regulates body TEMPERATURE. Water creates perspiration and perspiration allocates excess heat to cool our bodies. You may need water when: You are overheated and not perspiring.
  • Aids in DIGESTION. Digestion of solid foods can only happen with the help of large amounts of water.
  • Keeps SKIN clear and healthy. Water keeps your skin looking smooth, healthy and young. It's also the main conduit for releasing water from the body through perspiration.
  • Cushions and lubricates BONES and JOINTS. Water acts as a lubricant between bones. It also lubricates cartilage and helps the joints glide freely. Water helps minimize joint damage caused by friction.
  • Maintains MUSCLE tone. Muscles are composed primarily of water. Water not only keeps you strong, it removes wastes from and transports nutrients to the muscle cells and decreases recovery time.
  • Metabolizes FAT. Proper water intake helps your kidneys and liver function at their peak and thereby reduces the amount of fat deposits in the body. Your kidneys need water to remove toxins, waste and salt from the blood. When you don't have enough water, the liver takes over some of the work of the kidneys and therefore isn't able to metabolize excess fat.
  • Lubricates ORGANS. All our organs need water to function at their best. Water also keeps the blood from thickening and in return helps the heart function at its peak.
  • Transports NUTRIENTS throughout the entire body.
  • REMOVES toxins and waste.
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There's a lot of advice about the proper amount of water a grown person should drink everyday - usually 8-12 240 ml/(8 oz.) glasses