Brita® LONGLAST+™ Water Filter Pitcher Replacement Filter

$24.99 MSRP*
  • Longlast+ Filter 1 600x600 v2
  • Longlast+ Filter 600x600 claims

Designed to fit all Brita pitchers and dispensers, the new Brita® LONGLAST+™ filter last 3x longer than our standard filters.

In addition to removing 3x more contaminants* and 99% of lead**, each Brita® LONGLAST+™ filter replaces up to 900 single-use plastic bottles#.

Get great taste, less waste^ from Brita.


Usage Directions:

  1. Hand-wash pitcher/dispenser, lid and reservoir with a mild dish soap. Rinse well. Do not wash in the dishwasher. With clean hands, insert filter into reservoir by lining up groove in filter with ridge in reservoir. Press firmly for a tight seal.
  2. To set the filter life status indicator, press the STATUS button and hold it down for 6 seconds until the green light next to Brita® LONGLAST+™ FILTER blinks three times.
  3. Fill the reservoir with cold tap water. Pour out the first 3 pitchers/first dispenser of water or use to water plants.
    Hot water shouldn’t be used with the Brita® LONGLAST+™ Filter (Max. 85°F/29°C – Min. 32°F/0°C).
  4. To check filter life status, quickly press and release the STATUS button. When the light blinks red, you should replace your filter and reset the indicator (step 2), about every 6 months for the average household.

*vs. standard Brita filters **See certifications. Substances reduced are not in all users’ water.

#standard 500 ml plastic water bottles.

^no single-use plastic bottles

See our full list of reduction claims with the Longlast® Performance Data Sheet